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The Doc Fitness Podcast: Mindset | Nutrition | Training

May 3, 2018

Episode 14 sees Arthur Lynch, Coach & Competitive Powerlifter while currently undertaking a PHD in Exercise and Nutrient Metabolism in the University of Limerick. Arthur has been both an IDFPA and IPF champion in the u90s and u93 categories through Powerlifting. His best numbers in competition are Squat 262.5kg Bench 180kg and Deadlift 307.5kg, so it’s safe to say, Arthur knows what he’s taking about when it comes to strength progression.
We dive into;
  • The mistakes people make when it comes to progressing your Squat, Bench & Deadlift.
  • Strategies you can start using to increase past a plateau in your Squat, Bench & Deadlift,
  • Why making the smallest possible change is the smartest thing to start with.
As always, a big thank you for tuning in, show notes for this episode will be over at: 😃