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The Doc Fitness Podcast: Mindset | Nutrition | Training

Apr 24, 2020

Gym owner, business coach and Mindset & Performance coach Seamus Fox joins us on episode 41 to discuss the stories we tell ourselves on a daily basis so we can change the ‘input’ for a better ‘output’. A powerful mindset-based episode that will get you thinking on how you can make slight tweaks to your thoughts...

Apr 17, 2020

Our first ever client interview! Mark Jordan joins us today to share his experiences & journey to date.

Apr 5, 2020

Online Personal Trainer Paul Dermody joins us for Episode 39 to go through some manageable mindset shifts when it comes to your diet and life in general. We cover;
  • Where to start when it comes to making change with your diet/training
  • Where ‘motivation’ truly comes from
  • The mentality around eating foods you...