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The Doc Fitness Podcast: Mindset | Nutrition | Training

Apr 5, 2019

Episode 28 sees Online Coach Jason Munro from Munro Fitness come on the show to dive into topic of Slimming World. We cover areas around;

  • How Slimming World (& every diet ‘works’) in order to achieve weight loss
  • The in’s & out’s with ‘Free Foods, Syns & Healthy Extra’s on how they could be potentially messing up your relationship with food rather than helping it (Based on first-hand client experience ranging in the 1000’s coupled with evidence-based knowledge around the psychology of dieting)
  • The mentally & binge cycle around SW weekly weigh-in’s
  • How SW keep you coming back for more, yet you might not lose any more weight
  • How the ‘restrict and binge cycle' is not a long term healthy position to be in
  • What to do about all the above!